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Slumber Party

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So tired.
Bean had a slumber party with my niece. It was awesome. He repeatedly checked her out. Wasn’t sure what to think.

After Lily’s last feeding and going to bed, Bean then thinks she’s ok. And woo the reaction he has when she crys. He circles her until I got her to calm down.

Was so sweet.




They enjoyed the night.
We all did.

Night Owl Bunny

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Well Princess Lily is 15 days old. And the whole family has just gushed over her. :) We are back to about normal now.

Bean has had a few chances to meet the baby. He sniffs her alot. Not sure what she is yet. Mostly ignore her still. He plops in my lap the moment she leaves. I giggle.

This bunny-mom found out that there are coyotes all over down here. And Bean found out too. Saturday night he was up ALL night. Scared. Ears up, jumpy, hiding under the sheets for me.

So we got smart. We leave the tv on (at very low volume) when it’s bedtime. It helped tons. Now Beanie will curl up and watch tv until he wants to come to bed.

Never would have thought about coyotes in the field. And dumb me didn’t put two & two together. Bunny ears hear alot.

Bean photo time!!


In his spot for Scary Movie Night!

Princess Lily!

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Bean has a (human) cousin!

And Katie is a first time Aunt!

And her sister is the toughest woman Katie knows!!

March 25th my beautiful, very blue-eyed niece was born. Her Mom (my baby sister) okayed me sharing this lovely photo of her.


Lily, Your first breath took Ours away.

Love you (& your Momma!) SO much.

Un-Bean Update

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Non-Beanie Update.

I will be gone for the next week or so. My little sister & her husband are at he hospital right now, getting ready to have my first neice!

So, Bean is well. But no updates for a hot minute while I get to know Princess Lily.


His Royal Highness.

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So sorry an update took so long. I get sidetracked easy.

Bean is doing wonderful down here. Outside of the wild cat that stalks outside the house at night. He wants to kill that. (And he is unaware of his rabbit status.)

He has now got not only myself, but my Mommy as well, wrapped around his little toe. She spoils the Bean as much as I do. Comes over and plays with him. And he LOVES it. Of course it just makes him think he is the boss.


Update Thursday

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Hand on heart a good update with cute pix tomorrow.



Model; Mr. Wean

Scary Beans

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Well Tuesday night and Wednesday morning Beanie wouldn’t poo. I started to really freak out when I got up Wednesday morning and he hadn’t gone all night. He is normally a mini poop factory.

So called the vet my Mom recommemded and had him there 2 hours later. He was acting normal. Not sluggish, was still snacking. But I wasn’t chancing it.

Exam & X-rays came back and he had no blockage at all. Great news. But no poo still. After almost two hours at the vet, and me crying the whole time, they decided it was stress.

I stressed him out Monday night. They gave him a shot to make sure he was hydrated & a pain Med because the first shot hurts. Took my baby home.

He was dopey all day. I could totally see the drugged bunny trying to stay awake. It was pretty cute. He was a little off yesterday. But by the time ten pm rolled around, he was 100% back to normal.

So happy muh hoppy baby is ok.

A photo of him after we got home from the vet. He slept most of that day.




Dopey Beans


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