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Excited Bean

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Ya know, one day I’ll run out of Bean-themed titles. Not yet though.

Little puff Beanie made me laugh so hard just a bit ago.

He has me well trained. If I go into the kitchen (another no-no area) he waits at the gates for me to bring him a veggie. His current favorite is red romaine. As I got ready to hop the gate, I looked around for him. My foot & his body sometimes try to share space.

He was right in front, waiting like he does. I ran out of romaine yesterday… but awesome me stopped at one am on my way home from work to get more. When he saw (or smelled, not sure honestly.) what I was about to give him, he got so excited, he started shaking!!

Twitchy, jerky little shakes.
The exact kind I do when I get over-excitied.

Just more proof I’m suppose to be taking care of this amazing little Guy.


Bean-Its, June 26

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That really was the best title I could come up with.

Bean is doing great. Its been really hot the last few days. So we laid around in the dark rooms with the air blasting. He was no fan of the noise it made at first.

He adjusted. He is laying out in front of it now.

I’m doing better to. Vision almost all the way back. Bean has been my shadow since I got home Monday. Bless him.

So, without much more then naps to report, I give you….

A Bean pix!


Bean napping with me.

Today, I’m his pet.

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Bean has been taking care of me while I’m sick. He checks on me while I sleep (and wakes me up doing it.. no worries), sits in the doorway watching me, coming over to give me Cheez-Its (that he’s already eaten half of.. again, still sweet) and lots of cuddly bunny time. Not even going to try and lie.

I love it.

This is the cuddle – bug I thought I’d have when I got him. Bunnies = fluffy cuddle buddies.

Such a lie.

Well, I’m sure some rabbits are. Bean has so much personality, he is his own Bunny. He happens to love being petted, tolerates hugs, and just rarely wants to snuggle up.

But oh boy if I don’t feel good.
My awesome Mom kept telling me he would know when I was off & would react to it. She was right (46,733,414th time).

No Bean-updates after Monday morning until my eye gets the all clear to use it fully again.

Ok, I re-read that. I want to clear this up. I do have *two* eyes. Just one getting fixed. The above sounds like I was talking about my one-and-only eye to me.

Now, pardon me. I must return to the Bean.


Hanging by my door while I napped.

And yet I keep him

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Bean hid under my pillows while I showered.
I sat on the bed putting hand lotion on.

He waited until I was almost done before jumping on me.

I yelped.

He rolled around on his back, clicking.
At least he’s happy.

Starving the Bean

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I have ruined my rabbit.

He is very routine.

We get up together. While I brush my teeth, he stretches out & potties. Then meets me by the hall gate. Normally I jump it & get my coffee and him some romaine.

Today what was in the crisper was wilting, so I throw it out.

Sorry Bean, shopping later. Have some Cheez-Its.

“Oh. Hell. No.” – Bean.

He followed me all over every time I stood up. Making sad faces at me. Tripping me up both times I refilled my coffee cup. I finally gave up and got his lettuce.

Crazy Beans, man, crazy Beans.


He attacked the bag & pulled this out himself.

House Rabbit Society

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If you have a little friend like my Bean, or are thinking of getting one, I very much recommend this site. They are a nation-wide 38,000+ member all volunteer organization that is solely dedicated to helping us keep our long-earred babies healthy, happy & safe. They also have many chapters throughout the US & a few in Europe.

If they don’t have the info, they have the places you can find it.

Bean loves it!

My heart

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I completely love just watching Bean. He can be eating,  laying around watching TV, chewing on (everything), dragging his stuffed frog around, cleaning himself (my favorite at the moment.). Doesn’t matter. He just makes me happy.

I have also found out when his behavior needs correcting, I’m horrible at it. One time, after one of THOSE days, he just wouldn’t stop chewing & digging at my pillow. I broke and tapped his butt and yelled. He took off for his cage. I had never physically corrected him before. I sat on the floor in the dark livingroom and cried my eyes out. To say I felt bad is a huge understatement. So that was the first & last time. Vocal commands & rewarding good works so much better with him.

Sometimes, when he is completely oblivious to me & going about his day, he looks like a stuffed animal. He is really plotting some awesome bunny game.

And oh his games. He runs laps. 11 last night while I had a cup of tea. He has two stuffed frogs that he drags around room to room. He always places them together. Hopping, forgettaboutit. King Bean, the Mighty Hopper.

I am just rambling. It’s late, he is wide awake and I am not.

The point, I guess, if there needs to be one is:
When I got him, he was to be my pet. After living with him, watching and learning his amazingly deep personality,  he is without question my companion.

Love you Bean
Bean picture?  Oh alright! This ones a bit older, but one of my favorites 🙂


Baby Bean Sleeping