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Monthly Archives: July 2013

Love, Bean style

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While laying in bed last night, watching Bean nibble some pellets before he crashes for the night, I kind of had an “awwww” moment.

Bean follows me around the house most of the time. If I go into our bedroom for more then a few minutes,  I can be assured he’ll be on the bed soon. Potty = Bean carefully treading across the tile until he can see me. Kitchen, he meets me at the gate.

The last due to me almost always bringing over a veggie treat.

He will, if he isn’t busy with other bunny plans, come running over to me if I call him. When I get home from work, he is stupid happy to see me. Just wants to play with his plastic toy balls until I’m ready to get him some Cheez-Its. (Because as you can see from the photos, he loves to eat;)

He waits for me to tuck myself into bed just a certain way, then always jumps up and picks his spot for the night. Lately its been laying against my legs. Sometimes it’s up between my pillows.

The sleeping right next to me was the Awwww moment.

What amazing, complete, pure trust he has in me. This tiny creature, who by nature spooks easily & runs & hides, totally trusts me.

For his care. His food & home. Treats, toys and dirt. Grooming & snuggling. Water. Safety. Companionship.  Love.

Without ever giving any pause to wonder if I’ll do it.

To me, there is no better gift he could provide.

With all of my bunny-loving heart, I will care for this beautiful little animal as best as I can. And may I never fail him.


Sleeping next to me on the couch as I write this post.


The most perfect Bean photo.

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Well, to date 🙂


Bean the Wean

Beans in Bed

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So due to the extreme weather, the mattress got moved into the livingroom briefly. Only way I was getting any sleep. That means Bean got to have run of the house all night. He loved it.

He also discovered that if he gets onto the couch and makes himself a tight little ball & jumps off onto the bed, he bounces twice. Loves that more. He’ll do it until he’s tired. Then he lays on his back in the middle of the bed, clicking away his happy bunny noise.

I am really thinking about picking up a crib mattress for him. I’ve never seen him act quite like this. Damn he’s a cutie pie.

A Bean photo for us all to coo over!


Bean played too much. Nap time!

When I’m Gone….

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Got to sneak home about 3:30 today. Almost never happens. With the fans & air on, someone didn’t hear me come in. I was able to sneak in on Bean. Was pretty sure this was what he does. Now I have proof!!!

Of course it is still 100+ out. My poor baby.



Sleepy Beans

100 degree Beans

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So we are starting a nice heat wave here. Today we high-fived 100.

So at home we closed tight all the blinds and blasted the air conditioner. Trying to keep cool any way we can. Ice cubes into Bean’s water every couple of hours and all fans going.

So what does the black & white joy of my day do?

Goes into the unbearably hot bedroom and digs himself a spot in his dirt. Will not lie, he looked comfy. But I still made him get up. Was way to hot for him to be laying in the sun.

Didn’t want sun baked bunny for dinner.


Only Beans can pull this off.

Welcome Home

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So Bean got to stay home alone again while Mom & Dad saw Megadeth in Chicago. 40.5 hours in his bedroom.

Set up: his cage, box of dirt, his tomato box he plays in, his pink play cube (his favorite), 3 piles of hay, 3 bowls of water (in case he knocks one over, he gets excited sometimes), 1 bowl of pellets (extra full), weewee pad & his orange towel. Plus Cheez-Its & yogurt drops hidden around. Left with him eating the bowl of romaine. So that was gone before the car was warm.

He did great.

When I got back, he was so pissed at me, he ran from me any time I got within a foot of him for about two hours.

Then all of a sudden, poof, Bean next to me on couch, watching TV. Now he is my shadow. Scratched at the bathroom door shadowing. Wants his head petted. Without me stopping for any reason. Sweetie.

So, 2nd home alone went great. Still will not  leave him any longer then that. Makes me sad so I’d guess he is sad too.

Great trip. Great welcome home.
Night world.


Being Bad Beans.

Getting so Big

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Today was a very rainy, very hot day.
This does not bode well with either Bean or Ozzie (my parakeet). I also can not stand rain. I just want to sleep. No matter what else, we 3 bond well over rain hatred.

So I dragged a blanket into the livingroom, closed the blinds & blasted the air. The 3 of us spent the day sleeping in the cool darkness. Was pretty great. We are all just getting moving now. Nightbreed every one of us.

I looked over at Beanie, he was stretching his hind legs. I was struck dumb when I really noticed how big he has gotten. Sure, he is a dwarf breed, and will never be “big”. But he fit into my hand when I got him.

Now… now there is no way.
First, he would fight me. Second, he wouldn’t fit.

Getting so big.
Baby Bean picture: one of the first 3.


Tiny Beanie