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Getting so Big

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Today was a very rainy, very hot day.
This does not bode well with either Bean or Ozzie (my parakeet). I also can not stand rain. I just want to sleep. No matter what else, we 3 bond well over rain hatred.

So I dragged a blanket into the livingroom, closed the blinds & blasted the air. The 3 of us spent the day sleeping in the cool darkness. Was pretty great. We are all just getting moving now. Nightbreed every one of us.

I looked over at Beanie, he was stretching his hind legs. I was struck dumb when I really noticed how big he has gotten. Sure, he is a dwarf breed, and will never be “big”. But he fit into my hand when I got him.

Now… now there is no way.
First, he would fight me. Second, he wouldn’t fit.

Getting so big.
Baby Bean picture: one of the first 3.


Tiny Beanie


About beanits

A dude & a chick started a life together. One day the chick brought home a dwarf rabbit. The dude still loves her & didn't kick her out. :)

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