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Bean weighs in..

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And what we found out today is Bean is a little fat.

Nothing to worry about, but something I need to watch. I feed him treats all day long. To show him how much I love him. The hardest part is when I come back over the gate from the kitchen & he is just sitting there waiting for me. Well, for his treats. And now its cut back.

We are now buying Cheez-Its is little snack size bags instead of the family-sized box. That should be the biggest help.

Of course, when he caught on to less treats, he just started eating more pellets.

He wants to be 5 pounds SO bad.

Tough Beans.

Now the following picture isn’t the best photo, but it is Beanie cleaning his ears/face late (late) last night. I think it’s adorable.


Cleaning the Bean.


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A dude & a chick started a life together. One day the chick brought home a dwarf rabbit. The dude still loves her & didn't kick her out. :)

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