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Monthly Archives: September 2013

Here I swear

Bean is alive and all is well.
Mom’s just been uber-busy.

A real update in the next day or two


Chilling in his favorite corner Friday night.



Beanie had his first playdate today! We met up with Dee & her dwarf, Ace & her full-sized bun, Rambo. Dee got her house bunnies after her daughter had been in 4H. Daughter went off to college last year & sold all of her bunnies but Ace & Rambo. Dee kept them & became a house bunny mom!

So we set up a playpen for the bunnies and sit outside of it chatting & such. Poor Beanie, I don’t think he knew he was a rabbit! For the first ten minutes or so he just sat near me and watched the other two. But after a few, be crept over to Ace and sniffed him.

Ace butted Bean’s head. The nudged each other a few times. Then it was friends forever. Chased each other around. Binking & clicking. Sharing a pile of hay and just enjoying each other. Rambo kinda got in on it, but basically kept to himself.

The 3 (but really 2) of them played for just over an hour. Then Rambo started to harass Ace & Bean. Kinda bullying them apart and nipping at them. Bean had none of that and popped up out of the playpen. Playdate over.

But he had fun & it was good for him to have some bunny time. Dee and I think once a month we’ll get together. Bean-Its is happy to be home now though. Not a big fan of car rides.


Pooped Out Beans

Couch Potato

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Mr. Bean has been my consent companion today. By far and away the most he has followed me around to date. Any time I even stand up, he is at my feet. Sat on the couch next to me any time I was on it. If I went into any other room, he was but seconds behind me.

Now, for the record, A) I almost always work Sundays & I was home all day today B) every time he put his head down I petted him until he shifted. So I’m guessing these play a part in it. And I am loving every second of it.

Whilst taking some photos of him watching “Return of the King”, I did notice he is amazingly expressive. The following photos are him right before the Orcs fight & then durning the fight. I’m sure he is responding more to the music & sound, but he makes watching movies 10 times more fun.



My movie Buddy! He doesn't like Orcs.

King Beanie the 8th

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Bean has requested a name change. He now wishes to be referred to has King Beanie the 8th. And it’s all my fault.

You see, I have been laying in bed at night watching The Tudors. Mostly it started so Bean could still run around the house late at night & come to bed when he was ready, and I could lay in bed resting.

First night or two he’d play back and forth between the bedroom & livingroom. Mostly running/hopping. Then he’d get tired and plop down on the bed with me. Pet him until the episode I was watching was over & off to bed we go.

Night 3 to current he has just come right into bed. No late night jog. He apparently would rather have his head/back petted for an hour. But with most things in life come some issues.

He stole my gold bracelet & announced his Kingship & name change this morning.



King Beanie the 8th

The look on his face when I busted him hiding my jewelry was priceless. This is not the first time he has done it. But it was the first time he threw the stolen item to get rid of it. Was heavier then he thought I guess. It landed right on his head!!!

Instant Classic, and no more Tudors. If he chops off my head, I’ll be mad.