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Monthly Archives: October 2013

Happy Halloween!

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From Beanland & all that live here, Happy Halloween!!!


Picture This

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Some days my little partner in crime is just silly.

Today is one of them. He wants me to chase him around the house. He is thumping & hopping around, making so much noise. Happy noise. Currently dragging the wicker “broom” I made him around.

Tried my best to get a cute photo or two. Bean has come to the place wherr he knows what I’m doing with the phone now. This is both the best & the worst photo today.


Want my Photo? No way Mom!

He was hamming it up so much. Kept charging the phone with each photo. Was too funny.

Traumatized Bunny

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I got brave.
I decided to clip Bean’s nails myself. A drive to the vets is 40$ in gas + about an hour drive & 10$ for the clipping. He didn’t need anything else & I bought the clippers forever ago.

Started ok. Went into the bedroom and sat next to him. Petted him and talked in soft tones at him. Placed him on his black blankie in case I needed to wrap him up. When I splayed is left front paw it all went to hell.

He lets the vet do it boom boom boom.

Me, he freaked out on. Making all sorts of squeeks and huffy noises. Jumping out of my lap/arms. Running away. NEVER tried to bite,  bless him.

First toe clipped and he spazed. Proof he needed a clipping was the rivers of blood running down my arm. Ok, I am being dramatic. But he did shred me up pretty well.

The rest of the left foot took no time. He was in shock, I think.

Gave him a minute to calm down. Right foot was the same deal. One clip, freak out, two more, another freak out. Finally finished.

Took just shy of an hour.
I don’t know who was more upset when it was done. Him or me.

Took him hours to stop being mad.
Not sure if we’ll do that again.


Beanie after his pedicure.

Bless my little dude. He is so wonderful. And he just joined me on the couch for snuggles. That means I must go.

Sleepy Beans

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Cold autumn day today. Bean & I slept in. When I came to, I noticed one of my blankets had been dragged off the bed by Beanie. So I reached over to pull it back up on the bed.

Bean was in the pile still. Bean was also not done sleeping. Covered himself right back up. Of course this chick took a zillion photos.






Don't Wake Beans Up

He stayed like that for another hour-ish. Lazy lazy bunny.

Dr. Beanie

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Bunny-mom is sick.

I have been all week, but last night & today the smell of food has crippled me. I took a sick day & have slept 87% of it. Of course I took care of Beanie first.

I decided since I was going to be home all day, there was no reason keeping him locked in the bedroom. So I left it open so he could have run of the house while I passed out. He did leave for a bit. I could hear him bouncing around. He got a new box a few days back.

He came back though:


Dr. Bean kissing his sick Mom.

When I woke up he was snuggled into the crook of my neck. When he noticed I was awake, he blessed me with lots of bunny kisses. The Best. He is such my sweetie.

Thank you Bean, for watching over me.

Beanie the Weanie!

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Beanie the Weanie!

So bad Beanie Mom!
Haven’t updated in awhile. In my defense life got ahead of me for a bit. But all is wonderful in BeanLand.

Beanie has been doing wonderful. He’s such a little joy. We bought him a Halloween outfit. A glittery little devil. It’s currently being altered to fit him, as it started as an xs dog.

As of late, he has gotten to the point where he wants harass both human & bird in house late at night. But low, the moment we get into bed, he wants petted until hands get too tired. It’s ok, love it myself.

So, deepest apologies & an updated Bean pix. I should be back on track now.



Portrait of a Bean