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Monthly Archives: November 2013


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Just a quick update.
Things with the new bunny did not work out.
Bean has been an only child too long.

But the good news, we were able to find a good & loving home for her.

Details tomorrow.


Bean’s buddy…?

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So tomorrow Bean has a meeting with a little girl bunny. She is in need of a home. So we are going to see how the react to each other. If Bean isn’t happy, we’ll help find her a home. But if they are ok with each other, the bunny family will grow plus 1.

Bean responds well to Acey & Rambo when we go over to play. So it will be up to the bunnies really. Everyone swears two is easier to care for then one.

We shall see.


Bean being bad on my nightstand.


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Facebook stickers have killed the love between Bean & myself.

Under “Bun” I found this gem:

I call it Fing-ing (pronounced like ring, but with an f.)

Since I found it, I have been trying to get Bean to Fing. I finally did.



However he still isn’t very happy me waking him up.

Fing 🙂

Our last few days

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In one photo. The ears really capture it.


You can stick a fork in us for the day. Car troubles broke us a little. We’ll start again tomorrow. Naps for tonight.

Bunny Mom Ouch

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Today was horrible.
Due to a idiot speeding through a red light in heavy rain & hydroplaning,  I was in a head-on car wreck. My car is totalled. But by the blessings from above I was lucky to walk away. And with only a sprained wrist & seatbelt burns. Minor whiplash.

After my closest friend in the world picked me up from the wreck (car was towed by then) and dropped me off at home, I lost it. Crying, panicking, freaking. A car isn’t really in my budget.

Bean has took it upon himself to be the “parent” today. Very calm. Lots of snuggles & bunny kisses. Stays within 2 feet of me. Even jumped the gates to follow me into the kitchen.

I have been counting my blessings all day. He’s totally on that list.

Keep safe everyone. Was my first (and hopefully last!) Car accident. Don’t need any more out there.


My baby being the caretaker.

My poor baby.

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Beanie had a boo-boo late last night. One of his toenails on his front left paw snagged on something & twisted up onto his paw. I noticed he was limping around with it kind of up in the air. When I peeked at it, I saw the nail.

Poor Guy. I can’t imagine how bad that hurt. He jumped every time I touched his foot. Took about 15 minutes to finally get it moved back over & stop it from digging into him. I sat him between my legs and bent over him. He made so much noise and kept licking at me. Like that would make me stop.

By the time I did fix him, I was sobbing. I knew a) he was hurting b) I was hurting him more c) it had to be fixed. For real, tears running down my face crying. Breaks my heart.

He is fine though. He favored the foot for awhile. Cleaned it tons. But was completely ok. I’ve had other pets have the same problem,  but Beanie is my Baby. I just hate any pain he might have to suffer.

And the sweetheart wasn’t even mad at me when it was done. He still cuddled up with me for bed.

Ahhhh, bunny stress.


Bean watching tv.