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Late Night

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Ahhh, the joys of bunny-parents. Bean decided that when I finally got in bed last night, that it was play time. You would think a full-size human could get a 3 pound rabbit to chill. You would think.

Not that I mind, but the moment I would stop playing with him, he’d burrow under the blanket and start head butting me leg. Talk about tickling! Whiskers on bare legs are the worst!

Today we are just hanging out. I can hear him eating Cheez-Its in the next room. Gonna go head-butt him now. 😉
OK, we all know I just fibbed. 


Beandip just relaxing.


Bean, Bean-Its, and why I picked them.

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Bean, Bean-Its, and why I picked them.

People close to me all seem to think Bean is thusly named because I (frequently) say “cool beans”.


Bean is named after a character from 2 Orson Scott Card books. Ender’s Game & Ender’s Shadow. Both amazing reads. To me, Bean stuck out so sharply. Still does. So when I looked at my little dude when we got home, it was almost a no-brainer.

I highly recommend both above books, as well as the rest in the series.

Now, Bean-Its. Basicly, the only treat Bean will accidentally run into door & walls for. Each box gets a facelift.


Bean-Its; has to be Baby Swiss