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Goodbye ’13, Hello ’14!

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Happy New Year bunny buddies!

Bean & the rest of the house is already tucked safely inside the house. Having a nice, little cozy New Years Eve. Fireworks are big in the area, so the main goal is to keep Beanie calm when they start. He no likey.

Hard to believe we are fast approaching the one year mark since Beanie joined our family. And quickly stole hearts. And became my fuzzy child.

It has been a year of great Highs and terrible Lows. Through it all, Bean has brought love & comfort I never would have guessed a pet could. Aggg, I hate referring to him as “a pet”. He is so much more. My heart. That works better.

Everyone enjoy the day of remembrance & fresh slates. And everyone please stay safe. I know all over the USA there are cabs & such offering free rides home tonight. If you are going to party hard, please please please find one of those numbers first. Everyone should be able to wake up tomorrow.



Hoppy New Year!


Happy Holidays!

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Late Merry Christmas from Bean-Land!

Beanie has had a wonderful holiday season so far. Santa brought him some adorable Christmas outfits. However he refuses to let me dress him in them.

Bunny-mom Katie (me haha) is still off work and recovering from the November car accident. Bean has been a wonderful care-taker to me. Spending two months (more or less) together for 20 hours+ a day has bonded us even closer. He has been the only reason some days, that I get out of bed. He needs care & attention. Bless him.

So, as we prepare to move into a new year, we  wish all of you a wonderful one. Stay safe & give a little thanks for another round.

New Years resolution: No matter how bad/icky I feel, keep up on Bean’s Blog.

Of course, we must have an adorable Beanie pix! This is him after our Christmas celebrations last night. Wore himself out.


Christmas Naps


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Nothing I posted last week showed up…
Hmmmm says me.

I plan on a recap tomorrow now that is letting me back on.

Cheers guys!