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No one said rabbits climbed. I have not read anything that implys such either. However Bean does!

Climbs my couch. Climbs up & into the bathtub when I get ready for work. Climbs up my pile of books I keep on the Bean-free side of the couch. (Where he goes after climbing the couch lol!).


He did, just moments ago while I was typing, hop from the floor right onto the back of the couch. That is a good foot taller then the Berlin-wall like fence I use to keep him out of the kitchen.

Just showed me that he LETS me think the gate stops him. I really believe it was a “I’m-going-to-show-you” move.

Ran off shaking his head no, clicking away.


Dinner for The Wean!


When it’s time….

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Bean makes no bones about it. When the little monkey-bunny (I’ll explain that later) decides that he is tired, he sleeps. Even if he is, say, in the middle of running laps.

After climbing and jumping on everything he could get near, a new “thing” for him, he starts ripping up and down the hall. Normally he is calmer at night. But nope, tonight tough luck to me. thumping & hopping as he runs tonight. Loud & happy bunny. Ive said “Beanie, knock it off monkeybrains.” 39 time already by now, so what the hell. Let Him Run!!

(Btw monkeybrains turned into monkey by the 17th time I said it. Cuz he really needed another nickename)

I count 8 full laps & 3 half’s.

Then he got tired. Narcoleptic tired.

Stopped mid-stride and did this:


Narcolepsy gets Bean!

I have not laughed so hard in a long time. Almost cried, how badly it tickled my funny bone. He is a clown, in it for a laugh. Thank goodness, the handy-dandy smartphone is close enough to snap a photo or two.

Still alive!

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Whee, what a week we had in Beanland.

Crazy crazy. But all is well.

Currently the fuzzy puff of love is laying in front of a fan. Decided it was going to be hot today. If there is one thing Bean hates, it’s being hot. Makes him stand-offish and grumpy.

Poor little Guy.

So just lots of water, curtains closed up, air on full blast.

Might put in “Bride of Chucky”. Currently his favorite movie.

Stay cool, bunny lovers.


Bean keeping Cool in his Cube.


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Bean had run of the house today while I napped. Had to pull 30 hours no-sleep & finally crashed. When I crawled into bed, he was laying by my feet.

When I woke up, he was down by my feet. Awesome.

Groomed him, as he is shedding again. And Bean-shed = Katie can’t breath, at all. Probably around the half hour mark and I look down at him. Struck with a wicked case of giggles, I just LOVED this I’m-so-relaxed pose. His back legs with never fail to shock me. (Btw those are Cheez-Its to the left I stepped on lol)

I don’t think I have to worry about if he is happy & feels safe here.

My heart.


Bean Relaxed to the Max

Crazy Beans!

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Found out what I refer to as “The Mad Hatter” hopping is called “binking”. I like The Mad Hatter better honestly. It means he is over-joyed. I just though he lost his mind later in the evening. Glad I seem to be doing an ok job keeping him happy.

He does not always return the favor. Today he would run full tilt anytime I got near him. Would hide if I chased after him. I know he was playing more then hurting my feelings.

How? You ask.

Because the moment I would start doing anything that didn’t involve him, he’d have his fuzzy little face right next to mine. Tried to paint a few times today. The end result was a mess and some bunny prints on the canvas instead of, oh I don’t know, anything.

He just puts the biggest smile on my face.

Now that it’s almost bed time, he’s passed out next to me. For wanting nothing to do with me all day, he sure snuggled up when he was tired. Keeps waking up when I move my hand off his back. Cute until he thumped & startled me.

The thumps still make me fall over. For such a tiny animal, he can make noise. It’s those hide legs of his. O. M. G.

Bean photos, because I just can’t stop taking his picture.



Cuddles on Bean Time only.

Bean weighs in..

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And what we found out today is Bean is a little fat.

Nothing to worry about, but something I need to watch. I feed him treats all day long. To show him how much I love him. The hardest part is when I come back over the gate from the kitchen & he is just sitting there waiting for me. Well, for his treats. And now its cut back.

We are now buying Cheez-Its is little snack size bags instead of the family-sized box. That should be the biggest help.

Of course, when he caught on to less treats, he just started eating more pellets.

He wants to be 5 pounds SO bad.

Tough Beans.

Now the following picture isn’t the best photo, but it is Beanie cleaning his ears/face late (late) last night. I think it’s adorable.


Cleaning the Bean.


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Not much to report.
It rained alot the last few days, so we all just laid around.
I did notice the Bean is a little chunky dude. Not unhealthy-fat. But fluffy. Extra bunny to pet.
I do, however, have some pictures!




Posing for me