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Monthly Archives: January 2014

Bean the Star!

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Slightly overstated.

Feb 4th Beanie is going to be the Bunny of the Day at the House Rabbit Society’s site. I sent in pictures a few weeks back. Today we got a nice little note (from Laureen , btw) letting me know Bean would be on.

Super nice of them to email us that too.

As you know, I completely support the HRS as stated many time. (
So this is a huge honor for us. I have received & read so much helpful info in the last 11 months (exactly today!) from this site and its volunteers.

If you have a house bunny, new or an old friend or are THINKING of getting a rabbit; please please read this site first. They have an  unbelievable amount of articles.  They have saved both Bean & myself so much stress.

Especially with Easter around the corner. Remember, baby bunny grow into thinking, breathing, feeling Rabbits. If you think after the cuteness wears off you’ll be disenchanted by the bunny. Or can only let him/her out an hour a day. Or plan on keeping it outside:
Do Not Adopt.

They bond and they love fiercely. They groom and take care of.


Settling In.

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I have to say, it is so great to be able to go get a hug from my Mommy whenever I want. Knew I missed my parents,  didn’t know how much until I moved back.

All of us are finally getting settled in. Ozzie gave me quite a scare a few days after we first got in. He is fine now, thank goodness. Baby Beanie is still working out what spots are his. We are fighting over the couch now. I’ll put a picture at the end. He is winning.

The bed here is way higher then our last one. I broke down the frame of the old one when I got Bean so he could get in bed. So I’ve been moving him up & down as he wishes. Today he was taking a nap on it. I hear a dull thump out of nowhere. So I make a mad dash back to check on him.

He came bounding out, happy as he could be. I was SO excited for him! He was able to get down on his own. And that is half the battle.

All in all, doing way better. Family changes so much.



Bean winning. Or bunny-mom losing.

Made It!

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The Dudes & I made it to New Mexico safe & sound. Both Bean & Ozzie handled the trip way better then I was giving them credit for. Bean didn’t totally love the car rides, but loved the motels. Ozzie seemed to enjoy the whole trip, minus speed bumps. Sang his little birdie heart out with the radio.

We got in a few days ago. However Bunny-mom needed some rest before I did much else. Well, outside of hanging with my amazing parents. And sleep. I have slept alot.

Bean is responding really well to my family. He is shedding on top of the move, so he is a little gun-shy. He’ll deal with it however. He is trying to adjust himself to his new home still.

So, that is the update bunny lovers. Safe, sound, and happy.

A few more photos of Bean at different motels. Man he loved that. Probably just because he could stretch and run around.




Indiana, Arkansas & Texas.

A quickie from Arkansas!

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Beanie & Ozzie have been doing great! Thank goodness. They don’t like the car, but they are handling it well.

Updates in 2 days when we get to the new home!

And bonus, the motels have been awesome about the Dudes. This is the baby at tonight’s stop.


Bean at his first motel. Spoiled bunny.

Last Night

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Well we are tucked in for our last night in my home state. Everything packed & loaded up but the stuff we need tonight and tomorrow morning.

Ozzie & Beanie are as ready as I can get them. Ozzie, he could care less. He is just so laid back, as long as he has food, water and his blanket, he’s good. Bean has been running from empty room to empty room all day. He knows something’s up. I built him a blanket fort last night to play in. Poor guy is so confused.

The next few days are going to be hard on him. I don’t lock him up, so 2 or 3 days locked up and in a car is really going to mess him up. But lots of snuggles & love should help.

So my bunny loving buddies, no updates until we get into the warm weather. Wish us all luck.

A Beanie pix to hold us over 🙂



Bean reexamining the empty house.

Days Left

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We are now down to just a few days before we move from Sub-Zero Michigan to warm(er) West Coast. We have moved 90% of the stuff out of the apartment and just have the pets stuff & overnight bags. Couple other little things we came across that need packed up last (like my Xbox lol).

With almost nothing in it, the bedroom started to ice up, it is that cold. So we are living room living again. Made a bad-ass fort for Beanie to play in. No matter the temperature, he wants to hang out in his room. I’ve gotta be keeping him out.

Will update one more time before we hit the road this weekend. Going to crawl into the blanket tunnels now.

On a serious note.

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It is either really late, or really early. Pending what side of the coin you are on.

Beanie is up & running crazy. I’m running on 2.5 hours of sleep in the last 48.

We are getting ready to move cross-country in the next few days (thus the lack of posts there for awhile). This is weather working with us. Until we get a day that is over the 0 mark and with no-to-minor snow fall, should happen about end of week.

I have stressed my self into no sleep. I know Bean will be fine. We are taking extra steps to make sure he & Ozzie are safe. But Bean has never spend much time in a car, and Ozzie is old. I also know I can only minimize their stress. I can not completely stop it. And really, Bean is young. I am more concerned about the birdie.

So, myself along with my animal-dudes are watching one more Vincent Price movie before I go sleep for a bit.

Just had to unload. Tonight/this morning I am sharing a picture of my long time companion,  Ozzie. ❤


Ozzie the Pirate. Loves hockey & the Rolling Stones.