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I completely love just watching Bean. He can be eating,  laying around watching TV, chewing on (everything), dragging his stuffed frog around, cleaning himself (my favorite at the moment.). Doesn’t matter. He just makes me happy.

I have also found out when his behavior needs correcting, I’m horrible at it. One time, after one of THOSE days, he just wouldn’t stop chewing & digging at my pillow. I broke and tapped his butt and yelled. He took off for his cage. I had never physically corrected him before. I sat on the floor in the dark livingroom and cried my eyes out. To say I felt bad is a huge understatement. So that was the first & last time. Vocal commands & rewarding good works so much better with him.

Sometimes, when he is completely oblivious to me & going about his day, he looks like a stuffed animal. He is really plotting some awesome bunny game.

And oh his games. He runs laps. 11 last night while I had a cup of tea. He has two stuffed frogs that he drags around room to room. He always places them together. Hopping, forgettaboutit. King Bean, the Mighty Hopper.

I am just rambling. It’s late, he is wide awake and I am not.

The point, I guess, if there needs to be one is:
When I got him, he was to be my pet. After living with him, watching and learning his amazingly deep personality,  he is without question my companion.

Love you Bean
Bean picture?  Oh alright! This ones a bit older, but one of my favorites 🙂


Baby Bean Sleeping


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A dude & a chick started a life together. One day the chick brought home a dwarf rabbit. The dude still loves her & didn't kick her out. :)

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